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Constitution of basedow.ch


Graves` Orbitopathy is a relatively rare and difficult disease to manage. Many of the treatments have not been subjected to rigorous scientific evaluation. A major obstacle to improving the management of this condition is that no individual centre has access to sufficiently large numbers of patients for adequately powered randomized controlled clinical trials.

Basedow.ch was established by different specialists which have long experience in managing patients with Gravesí Orbitopathy within a multidisciplinary framework, have a track record in clinical research in this condition, and constitute large regional or national referral centres.

Basedow.ch is a consortium of clinicians (endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, radiologists, endocrine surgeons, maxillofacial and ENT surgeons), committed to improving the management of patients with Graves` Orbitopathy within a multidisciplinary and scientific context. Since 2005 basedow.ch is a member center of the European Group On GravesíOrbitopathy (EUGOGO). Hence, the constitution of basedow.ch is adapted to and in accordance with the constitution of EUGOGO.


Basedow.ch aims to:

†††††††contribute towards understanding the pathogenesis of† Gravesí Orbitopathy and improving the management of patients, through collaborative scientific basic and clinical research.

†††††††contribute towards education, teaching and training of health professionals involved in the care of patients with Gravesí Orbitopathy

†††††††raise funds to support its activities


Membership of other centres / specialists will be considered by the Executive Committee (EC), but these generally must demonstrate an interest in Gravesí Orbitopathy, subscribe to the principle of multidisciplinary management of patients (joint clinics), demonstrate compliance with the EUGOGO (European Group on GravesíOrbitopathy) assessment protocols and be major tertiary referral centres. New centres will submit a formal application to the secretary in a provided proforma. The application will be considered by the EC at the next meeting. The EC will decide to accept or reject an application. Before joining basedow.ch, representatives from †new centres are required to attend one of the EUGOGO teaching courses and to submit case record forms (CRFs) for 10 consecutive patients, in order to ensure competence and uniformity of† clinical assessments. New centres will be granted an initial provisional membership for 2 years. Permanent membership will be granted after provisional membership if the centre is deemed by the EC to have contributed sufficiently to the work of basedow.ch.

Member of the EC who plans to retire or withdraw from basedow.ch should let the Executive Committee know in advance who is to be their replacement and submit a brief outline of that personís involvement in the centreís activity. The new member should attend one of the EUGOGO teaching courses, and there should be some overlap (by one basedow.ch EC meeting) between retirement of one member and replacement by another.

Membership is not open to patients or the general public, although basedow.ch has strong links with patient-led organizations. Basedow.ch is independent of financial or other obligations to other organizations including the Pharmaceutical Industry. Basedow.ch through its members has links with national and international professional and academic organizations in the field of Endocrinology and Ophthalmology.


Basedow.ch is governed by an Executive Committee comprising representatives from the member centres. Currently each centre has 2-3 representatives in the Executive Committee (generally one ophthalmologist and one endocrinologist). Each member centre may have additional basedow.ch members (approved by the Executive Committee) who are closely involved with basedow.ch business, and who may at times represent their centre in the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is led by the Chairman and supported by the Secretary and Treasurer. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurerís tenures are 3 years, and a maximum of two terms. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer must be nominated and seconded by members of the Executive Committee and are elected by absolute majority. The Chairmanís duty is to represent basedow.ch, organize at least one meeting per annum of the Executive Committee, chair the Executive Committee sessions and communicate with members. It is the Chairmanís duty, in close collaboration with the Treasurer and members of the Executive Committee, to ensure that basedow.chís finances are managed appropriately. The Secretary is responsible for keeping and circulating the minutes of the Executive Committee, deal with applications of new members and communicate formally with outside agencies. The Treasurer is responsible for the accounts and banking. It is also the Treasurerís duty to report on basedow.chís financies at each Executive Committee meeting and submit a written report at the end of each calendar year. The Treasurerís annual report will be reviewed by two nominated basedow.ch EC members who will act as auditors.

Non-attendance of member centre representatives in three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee may lead to suspension of that centre.

The Executive Committee will strive to govern by the principles of consensus. When consensus is impossible, decisions will be made by ballot based on absolute majority, except for changing the constitution when a ĺ majority will be required. Each participating center is allocated two votes. Voting by proxy will not be allowed.